Hi! I am so glad to see you here! But first, let me introduce myself.

My name is… Well, you can call me Ruth. Because every time I go to some place where they ask “can I take your name, mam”, and I mumble my Lithuanian name, they always make mistakes. At least English speakers. In Spain they just start laughing, and just ask to make sure “como Ruta turistico?” (well that pretty much means “touristic route”). And the only thing I can say to them is – yes, yes and for the third time – yes. So as you know by know, I am Ruta and I come from this small eastern European country called Lithuania. Lithu-fcking-what, you ask? Well, this is what google is for (among all the other good and interesting things).

I have two degrees in fields that I am not doing anything with – it’s mainly just a thing to brag about. But I rarely to that, so let’s leave it that way. I have about 4 years of various job experience which did not give me much in life, apart from realization that office life is boring a.f.

Recently, just few months before turning 25yo, I found myself in a crossroad where I realized that nothing I am doing now is what I actually like. So I quit my job. Packed my bags. And went traveling. Have somewhat a freelance “job”, which is the reason I am actually able to travel a bit more than a normal working person. Still trying to figure stuff out, but I guess – who doesn’t?

I just really love to share my experiences, and this will be a way to do that not only with my friends, but with all of you, who are reading.

So far that’s that. Feel free to look around.


Peace, over and out.