Gonna be a published freelance writer soon!

Granada Spain

Honestly, I have never thought about becoming a professional published author. Don’t get me wrong – I am nowhere close to being professional. I have been doing content writing and SEO articles for quite a while now, and it is quite usual for me. And I have been writing for few travel agencies about their possible destinations. But back then I had strict guidelines on how everything should look. Today I have just submitted my first paid travel article! And soon I am going to be a published freelance writer!

Tuesday afternoon for a freelance writer

Today was a lazy day. I sprained my ankle few days ago, so basically what I do all day is either sit or lay down, because walking is terribly painful. Do now have any writing requests from my clients whatsoever. Although it would be a perfect way of spending time while I am a cripple (ha ha ha). So since I have landed a paying writing job for a travel page, I just sad down with a laptop on my knees. The most difficult part was to decide what I should write about. Since I did quite a lot of traveling during the past 6 months, it was not that difficult to find a pitch. I decided to write about my trip to Andalucia, I thought that it would be interesting and it will not be that hard to write 1000+ words about one region.

Oh boy, was I wrong…

It was not that it was too hard! It was completely the opposite! I started writing about the whole beautiful Andalucia region and ended up writing the whole article about the first city I visited – Granada. I had an opportunity to again look at all the pictures that I’ve taken and they brought so many memories!

And at that time I realized one thing. Freelance writer, who makes his or her living by writing travel pieces must be the happiest person on the whole earth. Because you know how people say – do something you like and you will never need to work.

While I am still trying to sort that out for myself, I am just waiting for my first travel blog post to be published.

I will keep you updated.

Cannot wait
Peace, over and out!

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