Holiday romance or not so much

Holiday Romance

For the past few months I feel like I have so much to say to the world. Apart from telling destination related travel stories today I decided to talk about something else. I guess you read the title. But this is not going to be about holiday romance. At least not with a person.

So far, honestly, I haven’t found out what is the most exciting part of traveling for me. I love buying tickets to a new (or not even new) destination. Also I love packing my bags, though I should work on that a little bit and stop taking too much. I love getting off with an airplane – that feeling is magical. The feeling of getting out the airport in some place I have never been is amazing. I love walking around with no map and getting lost. To sum it up – I just love traveling (oh well, who doesn’t). But the most important thing for me is not people, buildings or even weather during holidays. It is a thing that is pretty hard to explain. It is all about that feeling you get, when you walk around.

Sometimes you feel amazed by all the surroundings. You might feel touched when someone says they know something about your country. You might have a lot of different feelings. But there is this one feeling that just absorbs you. Well, I cannot tell anything about you – for you, my dear reader, it might be different.

The feeling of belonging where you are at the moment. Feeling that everything is so familiar that sometimes it might even hurt. Feeling of knowing what is around every corner. That is the feeling of “home”. That is the feeling of love. Different type of holiday romance – but better.

You think that it is impossible to feel that in a place you don’t know? Well, how are you wrong… Honestly, I only felt that two times during the past 5 years. Magical Budapest and gorgeous Barcelona. Both times I fell in love.

Back at that time, when I first visited Budapest, I knew that I am going to come back there for one semester as an ERASMUS student. But the feeling made me so impatient and so super excited about going there. I still get those magic shivers every time I go there. I even have my secret spot of a coffee with a fantastic view. And it hurts every time I have to leave.

You will definitely hear more from me about Barcelona. I guess because all my memories are fresh and new. But what I can say is – I spent 3,5 days in Barcelona. For the first days I (it is hard to admit) thought that the city is overrated. It sounds so bad, I know! But the last afternoon on Tuesday, I had a long walk along the seaside and pretty much at the end of it I realized the complete opposite. It was just a matter of moment. You know, what they say about love from the first sight? Well, it was not the first nor the sight – just at the glimpse of an eye I felt that warmth and I knew – I am going to come back no matter what.

Falling in love with a city, a country or just even a tiny place is mesmerizing. It is so much more that holiday romance with a person. It will never hurt you, never betray you and it will always welcome you no matter what.

I wish you find the place that will give you shivers. That place which you can see with your eyes closed. The roads and the buildings that are so vivid in your memory, you can never forget.

Peace, over and out.

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