How to be a freelance writer and why?

How to be a freelance writer

I remember, few years back, I was chatting with my good friend over coffee. We were discussing, how we imagine our future. She asked me and I started thinking. I felt that pressure of having an education, career, one day even a family. But the other side of me wanted to depend on herself and explore the world. Do something that does not tie you to a chair for 8 hours straight. Back then it all seemed as an impossible thing. This day I am getting a tiny bit closer, but actually, how close? So I will try to explain, why and how to be a freelance writer, or at least, how I became one.

If you have read about me on my blog, you probably know, that I have quit my job. I would not say it was recently, it was middle of May. I have been dreaming about quitting and letting myself go to places I’ve never been. Bought tickets and went traveling. Came back after 1,5 months. Started looking for a job. I am still looking. So far, somewhat unsuccessfully. I remembered, that 4 years back, when I was still at uni, I had few freelance projects. Tried to email the same people.

How to be a freelance writer?

Got only one reply. That was the person, who owns a content writing agency and is always looking for freelance writers. He started giving me various tasks, and I was doing well. But then I realized, that the workload is just not enough. I started looking things up on the internet. Found such freelance job databases as or And guess what? Nothing good came from that.

I have read various blogs and articles about how to be a freelance writer. But these were just general guidelines. They are good for people who are multilingual and know languages, which are not so popular. For me, I have intermediate knowledge of German, beginner level of Spanish, native Lithuanian and advanced English. If someone is looking for a content writer in English, they will better choose someone who will do it either very very cheap (like people from India), or be a native English speaker. So there I loose. In such websites it is very rare to find some translation jobs for Lithuanian-English-Lithuanian, so again I am screwed. But you know what? I did not get my hopes down. I knocked on every single door, registered on every single website and now I see – I am getting to where I wanted to be since the beginning.

Why be a freelancer?

Your the owner of your time. You want to work in a train to some place beautiful? You do not mind working in a cafe in a city, you just came few hours ago? This is your call then. Look for opportunities. Let them in. Let go of all the stereotypes and you will find yourself free. How to be a freelance writer or how to become one? There is no such recipe. Nothing will happen if you do not put enough effort to it. But no one canĀ  assure you, that it will go the way you planned. Just play and see if you win!

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