Solo travel – side that no one talks about

Solo travel

Pretty much every travel related website that you can find online will not only have reviews on destinations or tips. It will also have tons of articles about solo travel (especially for women). But the thing you will start noticing after reading at least few of them – they are mostly one-sided. Those articles say how amazing it is to travel alone, how it changes you and your perception of the world. You can also read how it can be unsafe or even dangerous for a woman traveling alone. But there is that one side that no one ever touches, mainly, because it might frighten you. Not the physical harm side, but more of an emotional one.

I cannot argue with the most important part of solo traveling. Yes, indeed, it will make you reconnect with your inner self. That is really true and I believe every single one of us dreams about some kind of life shaking experience which helps you decide what you want in your life. But sometimes it may not be as nice as you hope it will be. It may touch you in such a deep spiritual level that after traveling it becomes too hard to be around people. It gets hard to live your own life. Imagine, you leave for a week-long-trip as YOU and after it you go back home being someone that is not you.

Solo travel & relationships

A great topic to visualize is relationships. If you go for a solo travel when you are single, there are two options: you will either start feeling empowered as a single woman or you will start feeling painfully crushing loneliness. If you do a solo travel when you are in a relationship, it will most likely show the intensity of your feelings. You might come back to your loved one feeling like a new person, but with the same – and even stronger – feelings for your partner. But there is a chance you will realize that you and your other half are going into completely opposite directions. And it is a chance that is worth taking, even though it is as risky as doing a free fall from a cliff.

Talking from my own experience, I went for my first solo travel when I was in a relationship. Now I would not say that it was a “match made in heaven”. But there were really strong feelings and commitment. My other half did not mind me going, even though I felt his urge to control me every step of the way. Knowing, that he was not a controlling type, it was probable because he was concerned about my safety. As days of my “alone time” went by, I stopped feeling the need to reply to his texts.

Evenings is always the part of the day when you start feeling lonely. Lonely not for love of affection, but honest chats, random conversations and sharing experiences. And after few more days I realized that even during those lonely hours he was not the person I want to talk with. I would much rather go talk to someone in the hostel whom I don’t know. Or just sit down for a drink all by myself. That is where I understood that I do not need a person to make me less lonely, to fill my life with joy and happiness, to feel more like myself. And it is not because you meet someone else who is special during your trip – it’s mainly because of the time you spend with yourself.

It’s all about you

You will never know what you will be thinking about when you solo travel. Maybe you will start thinking about your job. Maybe about a special person in your life or even something else. You can never predict that. Your subconscious might start tricks on you and make you think of the things that worry you the least. As you will spend more and more time thinking about it, you will reconnect with your true self and clarify your feelings and needs.  And you will never be sure where that ship will take you…

So don’t be a cliff hanger. Jump. Explore. Act. Your life is yours and yours only. If a trip makes you rethink your life and inspire to make changes – DO SO. Because solo traveling for a woman is the second best therapy after a bottle of wine. Don’t be afraid. Make yourself open for challenges and opportunities. And always remember – if an idea comes to your mind at least twice, then it is a risk worth taking.

Peace, over and out.

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